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Cancellation & return policy


1. It is necessary to fill in the form for Product Return Approval Number (AEPP) electronically.

2. The purchase receipt or invoice accompanies the product.

3. The product and its packaging must be in perfect condition.

Our company will do its best to replace the product you returned to us.

When your return is received, it will be checked by our company and after the completeness of the product is confirmed, we will contact you by phone to process the replacement.

The cost of returning the products is borne by the customer. does not guarantee the safety and insurance of returned products.

The product must be returned within 15 days from the day of receipt. Proof of shipment date is the seal of the courier. In addition, the product must not have been used and must bear all company labels. Also, the product must be in its original packaging and in excellent condition as in the original, without damage, stains or alterations.

No refund will be accepted unless it has the approval of the company. Fill in the details electronically on the Product Return Approval Number form. The retail receipt or invoice accompanies the product. Prior to the receipt of the returned items, our company does not make a reservation / commitment of new product / s. reserves the right to reject returns of products that have alterations or have elements of abuse, in accordance with the terms of the Return Policy mentioned above.

Our store policy does not have a refund as an option. It is possible to replace the products that will be in a bad condition, for the next 15 days from the moment the order was placed.

First you make any order on our website, make sure you want to make it, knowing the above information.

Defective products

When the product has an obvious manufacturing defect, they will be replaced up to 2 times with the shipping costs being borne entirely by our company. If a product arrives damaged all 3 times it will be sent due to poor management by the courier, it will not be possible to replace it a 4th time.

When an order has been with the courier company for more than 7 days and there has been no attempt to receive it from the customer (after there has also been a failed delivery attempt by a distributor) our company is not responsible for the condition in which the parcel will be found. whenever it is not possible to replace the respective product.

First you make any order on our website, make sure you want to make it, knowing the above information.