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Greek Candles

Ecological scented candle with the form of Apollo.According to mythology he was the god of divination, light , music and dance. Son of the god Zeus and goddess Lytos. As the god of divination, he was the founder and leader of the famous Oracle of Delphi...
Ecological scented candle in the shape of a Cycladic figurine.The figurines are the first sample of art of the Ancient Greek culture. They were found in the Cyclades islands and they were made about 5.000 years ago.170g16cm high5cm long..
Introducing our exquisite handmade scented candle in the shape of the iconic Venus de Milo statue. Crafted using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, this premium candle boasts a luxurious and unique design that adds an elegant touch to any space. Here are five reasons why this candle is a must-h..
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